Assistance with Daily Life

Assistance with Daily Life

At OCD Brilliance, we want to work towards assisting with or supervising our participants with personal tasks of daily life to enable them to live as independently as possibly. Our Domestic support team will visit your home to assist you with various tasks around the home that you may not be able to complete by yourself. Our support staff can assist you to reach your goals of independence to ensure you are supported to reside safely in your own home.

OCD Brilliance provides the following services to assist people with disability within the home

House Cleaning & Other Household Activities

OCD Brilliance’s domestic support team will assist you by maintaining a clean and healthy home environment for you so that you can get on with working towards your most important goals in living your best life!

Assistance with Personal Domestic Activities

OCD brilliance’s domestic support team will work with participants in and around the home to give more independence and sense of achievement by assisting you to get to do basic house and yard work around the home

Assistance with Self Care Activities

OCD Brilliance offers this support to our participants to assistance with or supervise with personal tasks of daily life where a skilled or experienced support worker is needed to enable the participant to develop life skills to live as autonomously as possible.